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Patriot Platinum Insurance

Patriot Platinum Travel Medical Insurance - Quote Apply Buy Online

Patriot Platinum Insurance provides first-class protection for the discerning USA visitor or international traveler who wants to obtain the maximum coverage available in a short-term travel medical product for the visitor to USA or the global traveler. Patriot Platinum Insurance offers duration of coverage from a minimum of five days up to a higher maximum length of three years.

Patriot Platinum Travel Medical Insurance adds additional features to the Patriot Travel Health Insurance plan by providing up to $8,000,000 of maximum coverage benefit with an extensive range of deductibles, including acute onset of pre-existing condition coverage for sudden and unexpected recurrences, with US$50,000 lifetime Maximum for non-U.S. citizens age 65 and under, and up to $2,500 for non-U.S. citizens age 65+. The Patriot Platinum Travel plan also offers exclusive access to IMG Global Concierge and Assistance Services, and offers premium coverage for in-patient and out-patient medical expenses, also offering higher coverage amounts for seniors when visiting USA or traveling overseas.

Patriot Platinum Travel Insurance offers two plans choices - Patriot Platinum America provides coverage for non-U.S. citizens traveling outside their home country, and Patriot Platinum International provides coverage for U.S. citizens traveling outside the United States.

For detailed plan information, please review the Patriot Platinum travel medical insurance brochure, and the below links - Overview, Benefits and Sample Insurance Contract available below.

Complete below application to quote and buy Patriot Platinum Travel Health Insurance online, below frame is a secure page and can be verified by clicking seal below, if you prefer a secure https:// page, please click here. buy patriot platinum travel medical insurance


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