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Patriot Exchange Insurance Brochure

Patriot Exchange Visitor Insurance Brochure

Review the Patriot Exchange Program Plan Brochure & Schedule of Benefits

Review Patriot Exchange Program Brochure, coverage includes sickness and injury with travel assistance and other benefits for exchange visitors to the USA and traveling outside their home country. Included in the plan brochure is the summary of benefits table with policy details of features and services covered.

Patriot Exchange Insurance plan is for J1/J2 visa exchange visitors participating in cultural, academic or research programs in the USA or exchange visitors traveling to America and other nations outside of their home country. For even more details including  the policy exclusions, please review the Patriot Exchange Program Certificate of Insurance description in the sample document.

Need assistance with policy terms or explanation of benefits and features? Please contact us today, we offer professional advise by a licensed insurance agent.

Download the common Patriot Exchange Program Brochure (in .pdf format), please click here.